Hammer of the Gods Campaign Chronicles


D&D Next campaign 2012-2013

Episode H-101: New Beginnings

27 Flamerule 1480

The heroes met at the Dancing Manticore inn to discuss their actions against the raiding Orcs of the north. Rasha the Merchant offered to lead the heroes to his Orc business associates at the Xul-Jarak tribe - a 3 week trip to the northern Moonsea regions.

The heroes left Hillsfar with Rasha's wagons, stopping to rest after the first day of their journey near a ruined dwarven fort. During the night, Goblins attacked, and the heroes soon realized that one of Rasha's men - a new hire - betrayed their location to the Goblins.

The heroes decided to track the Goblins and found their hiding place, a small cave a mile or so off the road. At the cave the heroes found a small pouch with a scroll describing 'figurines' that are to be retrieved, also mentioning the name of Rasha.

The heroes investigated the inner parts of the cave, only to discover a lair of giant spiders. After a dangerous fight (in which two of the heroes nearly died), the heroes killed the spiders, revealing that the lair was actually an ancient Drow temple. Inside, they found the remains of a long-dead adventurer (a champion of Maalthir - a xenophobic wizard who once ruled Hillsfar) and clues that might lead to a treasure buried long ago, perhaps the magical sword that the dead champion might have wielded.

Episode H-102: The Road Goes On

28 Flamerule 1480 -> 4 Elesias 1480

Continuing their journey to the northern reaches of the Moonsea, the heroes investigated a strange happening at Fort Teeth, where all its inhabitants (aside from three survivors) were turned into gruesome undead. The survivors mentioned the name of Mordrine, a name the heroes heard again and again during their journey and up to Yulash. In addition, the heroes see a Wyvern flying over in great haste, and spotted a figure on its back.

People say that this Mordrine is some kind of a bandit (or a demon) with supernatural powers. The heroes encounter villagers fleeing their pillaged homes and find a familiar sight (that of mutilated corpses) in their burnt village.

At the fort the heroes retrieved a spellbook bound by metallic dragon skin, but they lost the book at the Hilt and Gauntlet inn just before Yulash, right after Rasha tried to convince two elven patrons from Myth-Drannor to help in identifying the book. The heroes managed to learn that some kind of an ambassador from Myth-Drannor is visiting Yulash, and the nobility buzzes with excitment. In addition, the heroes learn of a recently re-opened gold-mine and its owner who is seeking adventurers who are ready to get rich fast.

Continuing their journey north, the heroes headed past Yulash and into the Zhentarim's domain, where Rasha has ties that might help the group cross the river without paying the monumental fee placed by the pirate lords ruling the Moonsea and Zhentil Keep. Rasha promises a difficult journey from this point on, as the region becomes more and more dangerous and wild.

In Timora's temple at the Zhentarim city, the heroes learn of some trouble at the ranks of the rangers of the north, with people gone missing and the newly placed officer barely holding on.

Episode H-103: The Old One

4-5 Elesias 1480

Consulting Brother Mouzone, the heroes argued what is the best route to cross the river. The Black Moon ships, a foul wizard offering teleportation services or the Old One down in the Well of Bones. None of the options seemed safe, and the heroes chose to go down the well and face the Old One.

On their way to the well, the heroes encountered an old pirate named Imicos, who promptly attacked Moondrake - promising to settle down an old quarrel between the two. Moondrake fought (while others helped without getting noticed) and defeated the pirate, making a name for himself at the docks. It turned out that the old pirate was driven by more then just revenge, as a letter offering gold for the head of Moondrake and a symbol of the Cult of the Dragon was in his possession.

The well turned out to be the hiding place of an undead Naga, and the heroes all fell under its compulsive magic. The creature ordered them to retrieve a magical ring currently in the possession of a dangerous half-orc assassin. The heroes followed the assassin to his manor, coordinated and executed an ambush with Rasha's orcs and Moondrake's followers, with the thief picking the half-orc in the midst of the chaos, taking the ring from him.

The heroes, realising the magical ring has great powers (belonged to the Drow, enables Shadow walk), tried to lure the half-orc into the well, to make him confront the Naga so that they can take them both down. Their plan worked, but they managed to wound the half-orc enough to make him think twice, and he escaped, swearing revenge.

The heroes went on and brought the ring to the Naga (with the thief grieving over the deal), but in exchange secured a safe passage to the other side of the river using an underground passage through the Underdark using the Naga as a guide. Rasha managed to befriend the undead Naga, discussing a rough trading agreement with it.

Emerging from the other side, the heroes set eyes on the wild land between Zhent city and Phlan, miles upon miles of broken land, hills, dangerous creatures of all kinds and the searing heat of the Moonsea summer...

Episode H-104: Morningrise

5-7 Elesias 1480

Helping an old man and his adopted child against a raging werewolf, the heroes learn that the beasts attack wagons headed south. Later on, at Fort Morningrise, the heroes learn from Sargent Naritra that the soldiers moral is low due to the rumours of werewolves that hunt at night.

Aran convinces the Sargent to let him lead a mission to raise moral and hunt down one of the werewolves. She assignees three soldiers to his aid, in-spite of Aran's past (the soldiers are not very happy with the assignment). The heroes also learn that a monk is present, suffering from a strange affliction. Rasha examines him (with Osbur - the fort's cleric - with him), and realize the affliction was described in the book that was stolen from the heroes.

The heroes learn that Mordin was captured at Yulash after assassinating the Myth-Drannorian ambassador. While the evil deeds of Mordin a done deal, one has to wonder about his motives, or so Naritra says.

The heroes leave to hunt the werewolf, while Rasha stays at the fort trying to break the magical affliction. While the heroes successfully execute their well-planned, tactically sound ambush, Rasha struggles with the foul magical energies that effect the diseased monk, buying the poor soul a few moments of hazed waking moments, in which the monk tells that "she still lives", probably referring the SoulShard he possesses - a stone bound to the life-force of the princess of Myth Drannor, declared dead by her family.

The heroes return the body of the werewolf to the fort, with the three soldiers spreading the word of the heroes (and Aran's) great combat prowess. In an attempt to solve the mystery, the rouge suggests that Rasha will try to 'raise' the werewolf (as they possess some regeneration power).

Rasha complies, and in a full-moon night, with the other group members gathered around the mutilated body (and with Osbur - the fort's cleric - flogging himself for not stopping the evil ritual) manages to restore life to the dead body of the werewolf...

Episode H-105: Blood of the Night

8-14 Elesias 1480

The heroes interrogated the raised werewolf - a man named Elgorn - and managed to convince him to arrange a meeting with his clan leader, Jassor. They agreed to meet at the ruined fort to the north, in 3 days time.

On their way to the ruined fort, the heroes came across Egurskar - a hill giant accompanied by 15 or so goblins. The giant was after Rasha's wagons, but since the merchant did not bring his wagons to the journey north the giant was baffled. Some quick thinking led the merchant to have the giant (and his minions) follow the heroes to the ruined fort.

The heroes used the remaining travel time speaking with the thick headed giant and the goblins, sawing distrust. The day before arriving the fort, the giant and the goblins were at each other's throats. The heroes waited to see who was victorious, and once the giant emerged wounded (but alive), the heroes made sure the giant mercenary becomes a 'friend.'.

The heroes learned that a drow princess named Xsverssas is after six candles the merchant is supposed to be holding in his wagons. That stirred the heroes memories, and they recalled that in the beginning of their journey goblins were sent to take six figurines from the merchant. In addition, the heroes find six drow daggers in the possession of the dead goblins. It turns out that all of these artifacts should be handed to an Hillsfarian merchant named Rhalios.

The heroes arrive the ruined fort, where they learn that Jassor is the leader of the Pale Moon werewolf clan. They also learn that Jassor's men have found a wagon with coffins marked with orchish runes, with the driver - a northern ranger - found dead.

Through diplomacy and strong-talking the heroes manage to convince Jassor to relay more information - namely, that he suspects that the coffins contain the spawns of his brother - a powerful vampire and a wizard.The heroes also learn that while the runes were made by an orc, they are drow by nature.

Together with Jassor, the heroes decided to try and convince Rorstal (the wizard living at the third tower - Stormreach) to help them open the coffins. If that fails, the Jassor plans to assault Mor Khazgur - an orcish fort close to the border with Thar...

Episode H-106: The Wizard's Gambit

14-16 Elesias 1480

The heroes travelled to the second fort, encountering a hoard of Orcs from the Bael-Morath clan. The heroe's attempt at avoiding the ambush set by the Orcs was not entirely successful, leading to a blood-bath in which the heroes nearly died by the hands of the vile orcs. The heroes eliminated all the Orcs except the Orc clan leader - a powerful warrior. Deciding to retreat with dignity, the heroes accepted the Orc's offer to gather their wounded and leave.

As they left the battlefield, wounded and near to death, Ulgarth One-Eye (the half-orc assassin from which the heroes stole the shadow-step ring) appeared with several Drow warriors, and took the six magical drow daggers the heroes recently acquired.

Finally, the badly wounded heroes arrived to the the second tower, only to be refused entrance. It appears word of the resurrection ritual Rasha performed reached the ears of the second tower high priest, who refused to let them in. The fort's cook - a gnome named Iven - sneaked them some food, and also told them that Sir Danthalus, the fort's chief commander will be arriving soon.

The heroes chose to continue the trip to the third fort and not to speak with Danthalus. Upon reaching the third tower (Stormreach), they managed to enter (apparently the third's personnel were happy to meet them) and get an audience with Rorstal the wizard.

Succeeding in persuading the old, pompous wizard to help them (after signing a document giving all credit to the wizard, correctly identifying that the wizard is trying to regain political power in Hillsfar after a fumble), the heroes brought him to inspect the coffins.

The wizard told them he is able to undo the protective magic laid on the coffins, but warned them about the creature inside. 'A Vampire is a dangerous opponent' he said. He suggested to set up a trap, leading the coffin to Hillsfar and capturing whoever comes to collect it. Nevertheless, the heroes decided to open the coffin in order to interrogate the creature, hoping to gain some new understanding of situation.

The wizard went back to the fort preparing his spells, while the heroes have became preparing for the coming ordeal...

Episode H-107: A Can of Worms

17-19 Elesias 1480

The heroes cracked open the coffin with the help of Rorstal, and found it crawling with maggots. Inside, they found an infant - hairless, pale and without fingernails. Rorstal identified it as a Dhampir - a human / vampire hybrid, and the Monk identified the maggots as a healing aid used by Orcs.

The group decided to keep the creature alive (according to Rorstal, it should be fully developed in a matter of days), hoping to get an insight about the vampire's plot. The fact that the coffin was marked by Drow runes and was headed to Hillsfar did not escape them, but the heroes decided to investigate in the vicinity of Phlan.

Rorstal decided to head back to Hillsfar (probably to use this finding as a way to set things straight with the council and regain his position).

During the journey east, the group saw the infant grow into a beautiful, voluptuous young woman. The heroes decided to take care of her, inventing a background story and a name for her (Althea). The monk started tutoring her, but her unnatural presence and her dark origin keeps them all on their toes.

Just before Phlan, the heroes encounter Edwin Lorther - the son of Lord Lorther of Hillsfar - who's on a mission to find his brother's killers at the ranks of the Orcs of Kassoth. He claims to have interrogated an Orc scout (the one the group found dead in a cave before the ambush), learning that the nearby Orcs of Kassoth are mercenaries, and that some great leader of Orcs is stirring them all to battle. He suspects someone from Hillsfar paid them to kill his brother.

In Phlan, Ti encounters a man raging over the fact that Ti did not deliver "her" into the hands of one named Delasko (later one, the heroes recall that Delasko is the name of the brother of the missing Myth-Drannorian princess Lylar). The man throws Ti a sack of Myth-Drannorian gold before vanishing, promising a quick retrebution of the "transaction does not complete tonight".

In addition, the heroes are trying to gather more information about the Orcs, the Drow and Althea, discovering a legend about a group of beautiful elven maids who are guarding an ancient wizard's tomb nearby. These elves are rumored to be the reason behind some young women vanishing years ago. The heroes also visit Jassor's old mansion, and find it occupied by one of the councilmen of Phlan.

Episode H-108: Sisters of Darkness, Sisters of Light

19-20 Elesias 1480

The heroes asked Althea to pose as their captive in a ploy designed to lure Delasko's men to reveal more information. She agreed, and the heroes began preparing for the standoff, while Budd went to visit the local temple.

On his way, Budd met Irva Woodenoak - a monk of the Yellow Rose - on her way to investigate her companion whereabouts. Budd told her about the monk's demise, and she revealed that the local dwarven monastery (the SoulForge Brotherhood) and the more remote elven monastery (The Dawn-House) were attacked. In both cases, the masters were killed and a book was stolen along with the monastery artefact. She asked for the stone Cantole possessed, but Budd sidestepped the request.

Budd updated the heroes, who tried to look for a pattern, laying out all they knew about the recent events. Budd admitted that his monastery suffered the same fate as the other two, recalling through meditation that a book was stolen from his monastery too. The heroes decided to talk to Irva once they get rid of Delasko's men.

During the standoff with Delasko's thugs, Ti learned that he is known as Kreel - a professional thief from Suzail. Trying to buy time, asking questions, Ti "handed" the captive (Althea, hiding her face with a hood), but the thug's leader pulled the hood off her face and shouted to his men that "she is not the one". Althea then grabbed the startled man, fangs sprouting from her mouth, and bit hard into his neck. Arrows started flying from the roofs, and the heroes were soon fighting the thugs.

Note: while the battle raged, Moondrake tried to pull Althea off the thug's leader neck. She backed off eventually, turning her bloody lips to Moondrake, kissing him fiercely and trying to remove his clothes. Moondrake managed to calm the trembling girl down. Later on she heals him of his wounds, praying to Mystra, revealing her powers as a cleric.

After the battle ended, the heroes took the wounded thug (an assassin named Clam) into a nearby inn for interrogation. Just after entering the inn, a majestic looking Eladrin warrior glided down into the street riding on a pegasus, heading into the inn. Rasha quickly shooed everybody out of the room, leaving Moondrake only a few seconds to question the thug. Then, the Eladrin entered the room.

Note: the Eladrin (Miritar) was a female warrior belonging to the Myth Drannorian order of the Sisters of Light. They are working to locate the missing princess lylar, suspecting that Delasko (her younger brother) is after the throne, using the shame his sister brought to Myth Drannor when fleeing with a human lover as an excuse, making sure he will take the throne when the time is right. She said he is using Drow magic to hide himself from them, and for some reason, she believes that Rasha can find him. She gives his a calling stone that will enable him to summon the Sisters of Light 'to ride with you to war'.

After the eladrin leaves, the heroes gather back at the inn, where they learn that Delasko was last seen in Fort Dusk, with his 'redhead consort' Xversass. Rasha recognized the name of the Drow Princess (the one sending her minions after them for some time now). The heroes started to see a pattern emerging, but could not understand the reason behind the Drow involvement in Delasko's schemes. They learned from their captive that Fort Dusk was constructed by one Lord Bregen, and the place is a magnet for mercenaries willing to risk their lives for the riches of Thar. They also learn that Delasko's men are followers of the Cult of the Dragon.

Returning to the dwarven monastery, the heroes (led by Budd) are brought into the inner sanctum, where Graxs, the warden, relays the legend of the Black Opals - six stones holding the spirits of six Drow Princesses who mated with Black Dragons, forming an ancient dynasty, a dynasty wiped out by the masters of six the monasteries (four are known to the heroes). According to the dwarf, each monastery's master was responsible for a book describing a part of the legend, keeping the details of the locations of the stones to himself, until the time has come to pick an heir. Budd suggests to call of a council of monks, using the Druid's help to communicate over the distances involved. The heroes then realize that Delasko's plans for the throne are only one part of the problem, as they finally uncover Xversass's goals.

There are many questions left unanswered. The dwarf warden gazes at the empty space on the shelf where the book of the Black Opal had stood. Two books remained there though. One telling the tale of the Great Red who ruled this land eons ago, and another describing the legend of the Heavenly One - a dragon not of this world...

Episode H-109: Dance of Death

20-21 Elesias 1480

The heroes attended the monk's council, learning that the six Black Opals are actually Dragon Orbs, capable of controlling a mythical creature known as Torrexis - the Black Hydra - a creature born of a vile union between Drow and Black Dragons.

During the council's meeting, right after the appearance of the Yellow Rose representative, a Zulkon assassin reveals himself (disguised as the dwarven monk Belfram) and tries to snatch the Dragon Orb brought by the Yellow Rose monk. The heroes jump on the assassin, trying to take the Orb, with Moondrake ending up with it in his possession. The heroes manage to subdue the assassin (later revealed to be Calderax, a tiefling belonging to one of the lost monestaries and a Dragon Cultist convert). Before the assassin dies by the hands of Rasha, he tells the merchant about a black pyramid located at the Moonwatch hills, where the Black Hydra is slumbering.

The heroes receive words by Hillsfar's First Lord that a battalion of troops is approaching Phlan on its way to assault the Bael-Morath Orchish fort (this is a direct result of the heroes discoveries, plus Rorstal's meddling in the council). The First Lord orders Moondrake to make sure Phlan let the battalion pass without risking them seeing this as a declaration of war. A squad of guild-mages is already present at the area, and the First Lord expects an all out attack once the reinforcements arrive. In addition, the First Lord is sending a diplomat the heroes can use if matters get complicated. He also updates them that a Tharrish spy has been exposed by Rorstal, a young merchant-lord named Veinrence.

Aran tries to awake Athea's special powers hoping she could get a 'fix' on her creator, leading the heroes to the vampire lord threatening Hillsfar. She manages to acquire invitations to a fete taking place at Lady Wintermere's mansion, where Lord Seratolva - Phlan's council member and a master shipwright - will also make presence.

The heroes attend the fete, and while Moondrake talks to Lord Seratolva (who seemed reluctant to let the battalion pass, as Hillsfar new tax already pressures the locals and with Myth Drannor withdrawing funds due to its ambassador's assassination), the others witness the assassination of young Lord Lorther.

Moondrake and Althea gives chase to the assassin, only to find a jealous Vix in one of the allies. She disappears, cursing Moondrake, leaving Althea and Moondrake to continue their pursuit. They both see the murderer slip into one of the buildings in the slums quarter. Moondrake and Althea enter the building, and are greeted by a kind old woman offering food. They both sit and eat, hoping to get some information, but they soon pass-out as the food was drugged.

Moondrake and Althea wake up the next morning, with all their equipment gone - and the Dragon Orb. It turns out Vix rescued them at a great price, leaving her squad holed up near the Bael-Morath fort, where the First Lord ordered them to gather intel and prepare for an assault, once the reinforcements arrive.

The heroes gathered, learning what happened to Moondrake and Althea, realizing that their time is running out. Aran takes Althea to the old mansion of Jassor, hoping to find a young suitor that can be used as a trigger for her powers. A young man opens the door, looks at Althea and pales. He obviously recognize her...

With war looming between Hillsfar and Phlan, the Orcs threatening from the north, the Drow to the east and a Vampire Lord running loose somewhere in between - it looks the Moonsea is trotting on the Edge of Darkness. Is the key to the unfolding mystery linked to the dark heritage of young Althea? Or will the heroes regret their decision to keep the young woman alive...?

Episode H-110: Cathedral of Flesh

21-22 Elesias 1480

The old mansion of Jassor turned out to be the current residence of Judge Tholl-Moran and his manservant Yorak. They heroes soon discovered that Yorak actually serves Aramil (Jassor's brother and a powerful vampire) under the promise of eternal life.

It turns out that Aramil have taken control of a nearby Asylyum, turning the place into a twisted playground for the town's noble. The heroes managed to gain an entrance, witnessing the horrifying tortures inflicted upon the residents by the guests - each paying a high entrance fee for the "entertainment".

The heroes, not wanting to arise the suspicions of Yorak and the other guests, participated in a cruel game, in which they brutally tortured, mutilated and eventually killed Sergeant Naritra, who was somehow subdued and brought into one of the Asylum's "entertainment" chambers. On their way out, the monk sabotaged the elevator mechanism, thus giving the heroes a glimpse into a funnel system designed to bring the blood of the murdered deep below the asylum.

Leaving the asylum, the heroes decided to try and sneak into the lower floors of the asylum. They spoke to Yorak, duping him into an agreement to help. He told them he will let them know once he can let them in.

Later on, the heroes visited Councilman Seratolva, and by using information they gained from the local bars and inns, managed to secure a deal to let the Hillsfarian army to pass through Phlan without triggering a war. It was decided that the army will pass in groups of 200, taxing the soldiers as they come, plus giving the western road tax money to Phlan as well.

At the councilman's home, Ti (Kreel) "lifted" a small box - later opening it and finding inside the chopped finger of Lylar (the missing eladrin princess) with a royal, magical ring still on it.

While doing their business in Phlan, Rasha closed a deal with several sea-elves to transfer explosives to the docks (the final destination was the ship of The Mongrel, a fearsome pirate recently known to be in the area) , while the monk spoke to the druids, who told him that they have captured some Werewolves out of town. They left them alive as the creatures seemed to be talking about the heroes. In addition, the druids helped the monk finding clues that lead east - to the whereabouts of the other artifacts stolen from the monasteries.

Buying time until Yorak arranges the secret entrance to the asylum and waiting for an answer from Hillsfar regarding the deal, the heroes helped Rasha to transfer the explosives throughout town. The journey was not a successful one - as thugs attacked the heroes, rolling barrels in the path of the loaded wagon.

The explosion lit the night sky, shattering windows in a radius of half a mile. Rasha was on the bring of death, but was brought back just in time to see smoldering horse meat falling from the sky.

Note: the events of that night lived in the tales of the people of Phlan for years to come. A bright entrepreneur turned this devastation into a small fortune: The "Loaded Wagon" inn was known for its stir-fried horse meat dish known as the "Flying Merchant" and the cooks flamboyant way of popping the meat high into the air while preparing it.

Episode H-111: A Brave New World

23-25 Elesias 1480

The heroes withdrew to a nearby inn to avoid unwanted attention by the locals. While militia forces rushed to the explosion area, the heroes contemplated their next move.A group of rough looking men entered the inn, looking a bit out of place. The heroes inquired and learned that the leader of the group - a man named Darin - is actually from Hillsfar, and an acquaintance of Moondrake and Aran. It turns out that Darin came to Phlan as an early reconnaissance group, and has orders for Aran and a package for Rasha.

Aran received his new orders (moving up north to the Bael-Morath fort) and quickly left the inn, while Rasha fiddled with the package, which was sent to him by his Naga contact. It turns out that the package contains the missing Opal stone that the heroes have lost in the slums, along with a strange message:

"A princess’s treasure fell into my hands, one black eye out of six.In the hands of the wise, it is a bag full of tricks.Take it now and make it count - your wisdom you should show.And if it works - remember then your bony friend below."

While Moondrake and Darin caught up on recent events, Budd went out to investigate the howls of wolves outside, only to find an old druid named Crone seeking to get rid of the werewolves his order is holding outside town. Budd asked the druid to let the werewolves go and gather them up just outside town.

Kreel was contacted by one of the inn's residents who used a special signal to notify his presence. Kreel went out to meet him, and the man told him that "the job was done", handing him a scroll case that will "let him in" to the fort up north. It seems that the man works for Kreel, and he assured the surprised rouge that "they will be there for him when he needs them".

After the initial shock of the explosion, the streets started to riot over "Hillsfar's act of war". The heroes started spreading their own rumors, claiming that the Bael-Morath are behind the explosion.

With the help of Darin, the heroes went to continue and execute their previous plan to infiltrate the asylum. Inside, Althea seemed to lose control over her special heritage, rushing forward and leaving the heroes in a tight spot with several undead spawns. The heroes battled their way deeper into the asylum's bowels, finally arriving (battered and bruised) into the main hall, where a special arcane device drained all the blood and pain of the torture victims into a pool of blood - actually a portal to the Nine Hells.

Aramil - Jassor's brother and a powerful vampire - emerged from the pool and attacked the heroes. During the fight, while Darin surrendered himself willingly to the power of the vampire in order to speak with it, the monk broke the pipes that filled the pool with blood, severing the bond of the vampire with the Nine Hells. Rasha stepped forward and spilled his own blood into the pool, breaking the vampire's contract with Lupercio (Baron of the Nine Hells and a Prince of Pain), weakening the vampire considerably. In return for the new contract, Rasha was given his true form once more - a Drow - and a promise to aid him in the future.

Weakened but still a formidable foe, Aramil heeded the heroes, who managed to weave a deal that involves placing the vampire in the head of a new council backup up by Hillsfar. Phlan will be a city under the banner of Hillsfar's state, with Aramil gaining a seat in the senate. In return, the two cities will unite forces, establishing warfare agreements and expanding trade and commerce throughout the region. The heroes will make sure Jassor never troubles the vampire again, sending him on false leads to the Drow Princess Xversass.

With the opposition eliminated using the same torture chambers they used as entertainment, and with Aramil as a powerful ally, Phlan has fallen and risen again under the influence of the heroes as a new city, with the heroes themselves as prominent figures of power.

Still threats loom in the form of the Orcs and the Drow, and in the form of the ghastly Cult of the Dragon. Many eyes are now set on the heroes - some benevolent, some malevolent...

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