The Shattered God Campaign Chronicles

The Silent Valencia - Part 1
Campaign date: Inquisition/0766205.M41
"You get more with a kind word and an excruciator than with just a kind word." - Inquisitor Malden

The acolytes were instructed to travel to Kenov III, where a secret research facility of the inquisition headed by one Inquisitor Gideom Korr is located.

The research facility is now home for the Silent Valencia, an alien ghost ship that was recovered from deep within the Golgana region. The ship's drive utilizes a black-hole, a fact that intrigues the imperium, even though meddling with such alien technology in near heresy.

Two days ago, the research facility was compromised. The acolytes were ordered to investigate. Kenov III, being a Death World, requires special preparations; The acolytes were therefore to be accompanied by a squad of Imperial Guard veterans, headed by the feral warrior Wog.

As always, the acolytes were presented with yet another box (containing a ring in the form of a snake and a copy of the Sworn book of Honorius), origin unknown.

Descending to the planet was the easy part, as the planet itself proved to be deadly as hell. Only 3 soldiers survived the journey to the facility, with two of the acolytes infected with Kenovian Seedlings.

The roughed-up group made it to the facility, encountering the mad engineer Klaus, who spoke of strange happenings while he was outside the facility (upon returning, the hull was breached and everybody in the upper floor was dead - the lower floors were filled with some strange fog, not quite as the one covering Kenov). Just in case, he installed explosives everywhere, attaching the trigger to his flesh using a bio-mode that fires up when his life-signs fail.

Clearing the strange gas that filled the lower floors, the acolytes started to investigate the research facility, only to find the entrance floor pitch black. A flash of light (Klaus trying to flip the switch with Ferrum's help) revealed a rune belonging to the C'Tan - Dark Eldar entities that are also known as the Star Vampires for their ability to feed of stellar objects such as Black Holes...

The Silent Valencia - Part 2
Campaign date: Inquisition/0766205.M41
"Chaos is devious, subtle... The way of shadows." - The Codex

The acolytes investigated the research facility, finding the first floor deserted, with only the boiled bodies of several guards to remind them of the horrors that lurk within its walls. The group sent Gindai to keep an eye on the mad engineer above, just in case.

Poor lighting and frayed nerves led the acolytes to see shadows at every corner. At one point, the acolytes started shooting at the appearance of movement, only to find out that they were shooting at nothing. At that point, the soldier Pitt lost it and started cutting himself. The acolytes managed to stop him before he killed himself. They continued to search the place, finding the Inquisitor's chambers. They knocked on the door, only to hear a firm voice calling "Yes?". Surprised, they entered the room, finding it empty. Supernatural events followed (chairs moving, pipe lighting, music playing), and the Inquisitor's diary started to fill on its own. The acolytes learned that the events that led to the distress call included Klaus disappearing. A quick call to Gindai told them that something bad had happened, as Gindai (or Klaus) did not answer.

Pushing forward, the acolytes (and the 3 remaining soldiers) decided to head further down into the research facility, in order to find the Kenovian Seedling lab and get rid of the worm that infected two of them.

At the White Floor (the bio-hazard research lab), Band went off after seeing the Xeno lab. Taking advantage of a momentary black-out, he bolted to the lab, with the acolytes after him. A short gun fight ended with the mad soldier bound. At the main computer room, the acolytes saw 3 still living engineers working hard at the Red Floor to build a fission bomb. At the chamber next to them, 2 Eldar were watching the Silent Valencia darkened hangar.

The acolytes hurried down, disabled the bomb, and debated whether to talk to the Eldar. Deciding in favor, the acolytes learned that the Eldar were responsible for the 'gifts' they received in each of their mission, and that the Eldar cannot deal with the 'God' that lurks within the hangar, but for some reason they believe that the acolytes can. The Eldar told the acolytes to meet them at Persepolis, if they survive the horrors to come.

Using the Sworn Book of Honorius and the Ring, Nehelem becomes invisible to demons and steps into the hangar. The sight of the C'Tan wrapped around the ship unnerved him, and he fell to his knees, praying. The rest of the group watched helplessly at the Inquisitor and his men feasting on the body of one of their own, in what appeared to be a relaxed, natural meal, with the C'Tan tentacles attached to their heads...

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