Rage of Demons - NPC List

Olisara Lightsong (female elf) - Harper agent residing in Elventree.

Garlen Dreen (male elf) - Dead. A Harper-friend and a wizard. Arles's father.

Arlax Dreen (male half-elf) - A young apprentice living in a tower several miles east of Hillsfar.

Glinti Deepenmiddens (female dwarf) - A healer living near Garlen's tower.

Arizz (male drow) - A renegade Drow, smuggler and merchant. Garlens associate.

Thornstaff (male druid) - Writer of a book dealing with the Company of the Black Moon (lycanthropes)

Doust Woodsoul (male human druid) - Emerald Enclave agent and a Harper friend. Lives in a shack north of Elventree.

Duram (male dwarf merchant) - owner of the Dragonflight Mercantile Services.

Vix (female halfling commoner) - refugee. Escaped Hillsfar only to be caught and forced to fight in a "Ghoul Arena".

Blaskin Goldleaf (male gnome jewler) - refugee. Escaped Hillsfar only to be caught and forced to fight in a "Ghoul Arena".

Duphal (male human) - a powerful Hillsfarian guild mage.

Greybrook (male human) - Red Plume captain. Fought Vakell near Arlax's tower. Works for Duphal.

Joraan (male human) - Red Plume soldier. Serves an unknown faction. Gave Vakeel a magical binding stone.

Buppido (male derro) - drow prisoner (escaped, left to Grackstugh)

Sarith (male drow) - drow prisoner (escaped with the adventurers)

Jimjar (male deep-gnome) - drow prisoner (escaped with the adventurers)

Prince Derendil (male quaggoth) - drow prisoner (tried to escape, captured by the drow)

Topsy and Turvy (male deep-gnomes) - drow prisoners (killed while trying to escape)

Rond (male orc) - drow prisoner (escaped with the adventurers)

Ilvara Mizzerim (female drow) - slaver, priestess, commands the outpost of Velkynvelve

Grazilaxx (male mindflyer) - amateur cook, treasure collector. Killed by the PCs.

Emancy (male human) - Grazilaxx's manservant.

Bemryl and Xadath (male drow) - house Faen Tlabbar warriors, helped the PCs to avoid Ilvara's ambush.

Many (male duergar) - mad engineer. built a bomb to 'crack the earth'.

Plooploopeen (male qua-toa) - archpriest of the Sea Mother

Nanny Plunk (female human) - an old witch living on an island in the Darklake.

Snukkoms / Milton (male cat) - Nanny Plunk's cat

Dasco Pickshine (male deep-gnome) - miner, Jimjar's friend

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